What is Benevolent Dictator?
Powerful software that results in superior collection and utilization of patient data. It is designed to reduce or eliminate dictation. Benevolent Dictator is the alternative to repetitious dictation and report writing.
What can this software do for your practice?
Provide a series of comprehensive, well tested forms that expedite collection and storage of important patient information needed in today's health care environment.
Benevolent Dictator draws information from the patient file you've created and organizes it into report or letter form. These documents are not merely data printouts, but rather patient-specific case reports written in a descriptive and narrative style.
Benevolent Dictator creates:
Narrative reports without using dictation or transcription
Patient communications and instructions
Referring doctor correspondence
Medical histories, physical exams, and x-ray evaluations
Operative reports
Follow-up reports
Progress notes
It easily stores data into a well organized computer database. Patient information can be instantly retrieved from the database.
Make changes and updates to the stored form information quickly and without difficulty.
Access all stored form data for research purposes.
By simply recording all patient information just once on specially designed forms, you'll effectively eliminate daily dictation and the non-productive time you once spent researching, organizing, and writing reports and letters.
How is this accomplished?
1: The patient completes the easy to read, understandable patient history and information forms.
2: The doctor simply verifies the patient's answers during the physical exam.
3: The doctor completes other pertinent forms regarding: exam, x-ray, surgery, progress notes, etc.
4: The form data is easily input into the computer by office personnel.
5: Benevolent Dictator will automatically produce comprehensive reports and letters for virtually all of your practice correspondence.
How can Benevolent Dictator benefit your practice?
Thoroughness and structure of the forms insure the organized collection of necessary information.
Provide a simple way for scheduling surgery and receiving payment.
Proper initial data collection reduces the need for calls to patients and insurance companies for scheduling surgery.
Accurate data collection enhances efficient coding and reimbursement.
Patients, referring doctors and other interested parties promptly receive detailed reports explaining and documenting a patient's care.
The generated reports automatically include claimers and disclaimers, thus providing the surgeon with an excellent method of medical malpractice risk management.
Transcription and dictation time and costs are greatly reduced if not totally eliminated.
Transcription problems such as unreliable equipment, inaccurate spelling and interpretation, or finding and keeping good transcriptionists are alleviated.
Patient data is easily accessible for update, analysis and research.
What does Benevolent Dictator consist of?
Comprehensive forms designed by specialists.
Comprehensive questions (data points) that:
cover almost every clinical situation
include fill-in areas that provide applicability to virtually all situations
collect all necessary data to support appropriateness of surgery
gather appropriate information to provide excellent risk management
result in superior data collection for research purposes
Clear and concise questions that are easily understood and answered by patients
Questions that are organized and structured in a manner that:
minimizes time spent by patient completing the forms
minimizes time spent by doctor completing the forms
minimizes time spent by staff in entering and maintaining form data
The Sentence Generator included in Benevolent Dictator uses the form data stored in the database to generate personalized, detailed narrative reports. These reports can be generated without dictation or transcription.
What does the doctor have to do?
Add a notation to the patient's medical history
Complete appropriate forms by filling in questions or circling multiple choice answers, make any additional comments
Review and sign the generated correspondence
How easy is Benevolent Dictator to use?
For the patient:
The forms are easy to read, well organized and facilitate compliance.
The forms accommodate corrections or changes.
For the doctor:
Verification of patient's answers during exams is simple and time effective.
Each form is straightforward and simple to use.
Your sole task on each form is to fill in appropriate blanks and circle the words which describe your observations.
With familiarity you will complete each form in less than 5 minutes.
If desired, forms can be completed by dictating answers.
For office personnel:
The process is fast, understandable and has a logical progression.
Your staff simply selects the word on the computer screen that you circled on the form.
Data entry takes just 10 minutes total per patient.
The screens are well organized and easy to use.
Patient information is entered just once to form a patient file, and is instantly available to review on the computer screen or to print in the form of a letter or report.
Individualized customer software support available every business day.
Is the software individualized?
The letters can be personalized in the opening and closing paragraphs.
The reports can be adjusted to print on any letterhead.
The doctor's name is encrypted below the signature space.
Can a group use this software system?
Multiple doctors, each with their own personalized application, can be installed on the same computer or on multiple computers.
What hardware does Benevolent Dictator require?
IBM PC compatible with hard disk, or UNIX/XENIX system
Quality printer (laser printer suggested)
Information Health Network can provide hardware - ask for a quote
What is included with Benevolent Dictator?
Software including the modules you select
Free training is available at the IHN office in Okemos, Michigan
Training of staff at your office is available for a fee dependent on the geographic location of your office
Six months free support and maintenance
Extended support and maintenance can be purchased (details follow)
How much does Benevolent Dictator cost?
Benevolent Dictator has a modular structure: each user purchases the base module and desired specialty modules.
You only purchase what you will use.
Please see attached price list for details.
How can you start to use Benevolent Dictator?
Contact Information Health Network at (800)443-0613 or (517)706-0060.

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