Benevolent Dictator

Combining the experience of fifteen years in the computerized medical records business with the technology of today, the Benevolent Dictator-Internet Version is an excellent means by which to computerize your medical records. The office staff or physician will be able to fill out forms online. The encrypted data will be stored on our computers, but accessible wherever you like through the Internet. Printed reports from the forms are automatically generated.


  • Patient Letter and Referring Doctor Letter
  • Medical History
  • Knee, Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle
  • Physical Exam
  • X-Ray Evaluation
  • Surgery
  • History & Exam Update
  • Composite Letter
  • Follow-up Reports
  • Spine and Hand
  • Physical Exam
  • History & Exam Update

On a consulting basis, aggregated data are available for scientific purposes.

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